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Nightwatch Under New Management:

Farhat Eissa

May 28, 2016


This website will introduce you to Nightwatch Observatory and its associated facilities.  As you browse this website, you can trace the observatory from it's concept to current operations.  The Nightwatch facility is a composite of three observatories and several talented associates.

The Observatory's location is made possible through a special land use permit provided by the Tahoe National Forest.

Enjoy your travels.


Nightwatch provides that platform from which to study our universe. The observatory and it's associate members are involved in such projects as extra-terrestrial systems, binary stars, chromospherically active stars, and supernova events.  You will want to visit the projects page as well as the photos and papers page.

The observatory can be opened to host a visiting amateur's project(s), but is not open to the public in general.  See the Sacramento Valley Astronomical Society link for public viewing.

Associations and Memberships

            AAVSO LogoAmerican Association Of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)

         AAS Logo
   American Astronomical Society

            ASP Logo   Astronomical Society of the Pacific

            IAPPP Logo     International Amateur-Professional Photoelectric Photometry

            IDA Logo     International Dark-Sky Association

            Mathis Logo     Mathis Instruments

            SAS Logo    Society for Astronomical Sciences

            SVAS_Logo         Sacramento Valley Astronomical Society