During Winter


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Nightwatch in the winter.
Taken before the 22 inch observatory addition. Some snow has already slid off the dome after this storm.
Snow shoes get us in, a shovel frees the dome, and the control room keeps us warm.

Winter One

Below: First snow of 2008. Nice way to start the year.  The Nightwatch observatories are tucked away like some small village in the Alps.

Winter Two

A small price to pay:  Bud and I are digging into the main observatory.  No problem ... the rewards of comradely and good old astronomy are well worth it.

Winter 3

Don't play Tom:  Tom is going to try to get out of digging into the observatory. I see Bud heading his way with a shovel. In the background is the SVAS's facility closed down for the winter.

Winter 4
Control Room

To the 22 inch

Under the Dome


Observatory B

Observatory C

During Winter