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NGC 4036

Above: Supernova 2007gi in galaxy NGC 4036. Taken with ST6 C8 camera. Discovered by Koichi Itagaki on 2007/07/31.49 and was located 23" W and 11" S of galaxy's center.  Classifies as a type 1A Super Nova with a z=0.004820 and at a distance of 20.4 Mpc.  NG 4036 is located in the constellation Ursa Major and had a magnitude of 10.6.

Super Nova 2

Above: Supernova 2008R in the galaxy NGC 1200. Taken with ST6-C8 camera.  SN 2008r ws discovered by Koichi Itagaki on 2008/01/27.45.  It was located 12" W and 09" S of the galaxy nucleus and classified as type 1a.  NGC 1200 is located in the constellation Eridanus and has a magnitude of 13.0.

Project 1

Above: Supernova SN2008AX in the galaxy NGC 4490. Shown here at magnitude 13.9 and imaged with the ST6-C8 camera on 09 April 2008.  This type Ib (CfA spectrum) super nova was discovered 04 March 2008 by Koichi Itagaki. The RA offset is 53.1 arc sec and the DC offset is -25.8 arc sec, or 53.1" E and 25.8" S.  NGC 4490 is interacting with the galaxy NGC 4485 to it's North or just below this very nice peculiar galaxy.  A great target, and should be on any amateur's list of objects to view.  Certainly, a must on the way to M51.  Also to be found on many charts is the designation Leda 89542 associated with the pair, which is a surrounding faint halo.  North is down. The galaxy NGC 4490, a type G and also known as Arp 269, is some times referred to as the Cocoon Galaxy.  A faint indication of the perfuse HII regions are evident in the lower edge of 4490.

Below: An image of NGC 4490 and NGC 4485 taken from the Digital Sky Survey.
Project 2