22" Telescope


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22" Telescope. A modified Celestron C22
Control Room

To the 22 inch

Under the Dome


Observatory B

Observatory C

During Winter


       Control console for the 22"
Taking about three years to complete. Some parts along with the original casting patterns were found in the attic at Celestron.

22 inch disc drive is plainly visible, as are the various counter weights that keep the telescope in balance.

The telescope has an electrically driven secondary focus. The rack and pinion seen atop the small box allows for separate focusing of various oculars via a flip mirror while auxiliary equipment is attached to the Cassegrain focus. The telescope is friction driven and computer pointed. Although the telescope could accept equipment at the f/3 primary focal plane, equipment is normally attached at the f/10.5 Cassegrain focus. Optics are Ritchey-Chretien. The declination is a 360:1 Byers gear.

An eight inch Schmidt Cassegrain is seen with a ST6 camera. To the left is a Celestron 90 millimeter f/12 refractor and Santa Barbara Instrument's STV camera.

This cabinet contains the telescope drive computer, tracking componets, and the photometer control.

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